Keeping it simple really helps, that's our goal, and it's efficient.
Smart homes, to creative wood projects, to fully off-grid properties, lets chat.
Old side gate and fence that's over 15 years old.
Time to replace it. Cedar, perhaps?
Fresh Cedar fence, no finish just raw cedar.
Near a garden, best to leave untreated or a safe sealer like Tung or Walnut oil
Doing fixups around the home or office can be difficult,
but with the right help, it's much easier. Reclaimed lumber bench project.
Recycling is a part of our lives now, fix it if you can, or get it back into the cycle.
Give us a call or email and we'll be glad to help you figure it out.

Earth Ecology

The Resources that our Planet Earth has to offer.



What can we get from our Sun's energy?


What now?

What do we do? How can I make informed decisions? Do I have a part to play?