BC gets a good amount of sun, its free, lets use it
Tech to extract more value from the Sun improves every year.
Earth provides us all with all the essentials, we just need to use them wisely
Discover how the planet works and can help you save energy.
This wild Marmot (WhistlePig) has adapted to living among Humans
He's made a home under an unheated outbuilding, and keeps the weeds under control, as they are a favourite.
Learn from those who have the wisdom, Seek answers to your questions
This is a Pygmy Owl, tiny at about 4-5 inches tall, also a native to BC
Technology Integration is in every part of our daily lives, but it needs to work
Need help understanding how it works? What it can do? Or simply fixing it?

Earth Ecology

The Resources that our Planet Earth has to offer.



What can we get from our Sun's energy?


What now?

What do we do? How can I make informed decisions? Do I have a part to play?