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About Us

We are Up a Notch Sustainability Solutions Ltd, founded in 2016.

I grew up in Toronto and we were lucky enough to have access to cottage country. As young children, my brother and I would likely spend our weekends at the family cottage. A cottage requires constant attention, and our family routinely had tasks lining up to keep the place ship shape. Our large family was a mix of skills that were usually able to tackle most tasks without hiring trades, a DIY family. 

As the oldest of my brother and two cousins frequenting this family retreat, we quickly learned that by working together, our chores were finished faster, better, and we had more fun. As we grew older, we continued our collaborative thinking, because it worked so well. Today, we all share the passion to help others go farther than they can go alone. This is our Why.

Our Mission

We are here to help and teach others how to conserve energy by make better choices for themselves, their communities, and the future of our planet.

  • Help people understand the lifecycle of products they use, and why this is important!
  • Teach others how to make better decisions and choices on the technology they use.
  • Ensure all our customers make a positive impact to themselves, their communities and our planet as a whole.

We believe that if a person is given the choice to make a positive change, they will choose this path. We will help our customers make these positive changes. And make every person we touch advocates for sustainable choices.

At Up a Notch, we will:

Help you make sense of the technology you use

Simplify that which you don’t

Recommend solutions that make sense for you

How we can help you

We provide onsite and remote technical services for individuals, families, and businesses on efficient solutions for their needs.

  • Help reduce your monthly energy bills
  • Install and integrate technologies in your home or business
  • Design solutions that make sense for you
  • Redesign existing technologies to meet your changing needs
  • Train users on their various IoT technologies, and how they can be used
  • Provide the DIYer with guidance and support
  • Help you complete projects that are beyond your comfort zone
  • Simple repairs that aren’t as simple as you thought
  • Efficiently renovate your suite, home, garage, business or any space, to meet your needs

If you want to make positive changes, we want to help. Connect with us, and share your story.

Thanks for checking us out, and feel free to check out our founder, Chris Gooderham’s LinkedIn page for some more background. 

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