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What Thermal Imaging can do for Energy Efficiency in your home.

Thermal Imaging is used for a variety of purposes. The basic process is using a camera capable of seeing IR(Infra Red) spectrum of light. In the simplest example above, I’ve used a handheld Thermal camera capable of 60 x 60 thermal pixel resolution, and it provide a slightly higher visual resolution so you see a […]

Unexpected demand for our services, and what we plan to do about it

As the demand for our services has increased far greater than any of us imagined, we obviously need to make some changes. Before anyone gets concerned, these are changes we always anticipated, but weren’t expecting so soon. Because customer service is of primary concern to us and of course our customers, we will continue to focus […]

Why we converted our Natural Gas water heater to a tankless Electric on-demand

Why should we put in more efficient appliances? There’s a lot of talk about reducing fossil fuel use, lowering our carbon footprint, and being more efficient by using common sense and renewable energies. Canada is a fossil fuel rich country, and one of the largest exporters of fossil fuels, the last I checked, we were […]