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Under Development:

It’s been a really long time since I’ve done HTML, and now with toys like WordPress, things are much easier, but completely different.

Having fun catching up on the tech, and decided to record the progress under this Post.


  1. Testing the WordPress “Modern” theme(by Webman) for the site,
  2. Added 4 RSS Feeds,
  3. Added 4 new categories: Earth Wind Sun(Fire) and Water,
  4. renamed Uncategorized to Something Else
  5. Tried to change my Avatar pic, but can’t figure out my WordPress ID/PW? (will figure this out later)
  6. With id/pw issue resolved, Updated several posts, and as usual, did some WP and plugin updates. These updates will be transparent on the website, just increased security, and the normal updates that WP continues to evolve their product.
  7. A Company Logo is important, I’ve engaged a specialist to help me with this very difficult task, Although it might seam easy for some, It has kept me up at night going through the possibilities. Therefore a professional needs to step in. Stay tuned for our Business Logo, any day now.
  8. I’ve played with a few more WP templates and actually came back to the “Avenue” Theme by SmartCat. I’m currently using the free version, but will drop the $40 for a permanent license to use it, and the extra features. SmartCat put a bunch of effort into this, and it shows.
  9. I also turned on the Public can post feature, so now if you can read this, you should be able to post and reply.
  10. I also turned on a few more bells and whistles, I’m sure its all newb stuff, but i’m taking small steps. I did find a one setting that threw the whole enchilada into the crapper, finding 2 at once can be frustrating.
  11. added a new Page, Its located on the top menu bar to the right of About us, Earth. I am going to start to plant some seeds and see what grows. If I’m lucky, somebody might post a question we can answer.
  12.  I upped the max size of Pictures that can be attached to 1920 (1080p).
  13.  added a feature than stores the comments we post by their Post title name, in the Permalink url. This will allow us to open multiple windows and quickly see, by looking at the address to remember what post you’re reading, and to have some idea where we are, based on the address listed in your browsers address box. This post’s permalink is currently https://upanotch.ca/2016/10/current-site-status/.
  14. Up a Notch Sustainability Solutions Ltd. has now been incorporated(Ltd.) as of Nov 1, 2016. Special Thanks to Irene and Kim for getting agreements, Articles, ID’s and my new minute book ready.
  15. Started wordsmithing some of the content, added a few new post topics for testing purposes.
  16. Spending at least 5 hours per day on Energy and Sustainability solution podcasts, Legislation, innovations, and other online media staying on top the fast moving energy industry. David Letterman and xxxx xxxxx hosted a documentary with NatGeo on the Disturbing situation our planet is in, You really need to watch this amazing show: here’s a link to one of many previews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KtkmCjceGk
  17. Creative and Technical writing are quite different, so I’m taking it Up a Notch, and using some free tools online to help me with my posting grammar/content etc.
  18. Activated Avenue Pro version of our WP theme, so we will see some extra features and enhancements.
  19. Started removing test pages and content as the site appears to function very well.
  20. Updated to WP version 4.7. No changes to our site template so everything looks and feels the same.
  21. We’ve updated a few plugins and finally added the Business Logo, of course I messed up a few options in the process, so I’ll continue to resolve the missing Contact Us button.

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  14. Our beta phase of our site is over, testing has been completed, and the site is where we want it, for now, 😎
    I will keep the change log updated, as we evolve.
    Please feel free to suggest changes, or alert me to any issues we may have missed.
    Thx for Reading,

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