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Many continue to ask this question, Is the Investment really worth it?

Will it really save me money, or the environment.
The simple answer is Yes, small scale solar such as a simple 3-5kw solar array might take somewhere around 10-15 years to pay it off, but after that, it’s free. Medium scale, such as a small apartment or group of townhomes with 10-20kw solar arrays will be able to get better utilization of the solar when shared among several households. Utility grade solar arrays in the Megawatt range has been reaching record low prices. When you add storage to a solar array, you get additional efficiencies, but obviously at the cost of the storage devices and the space they will consume.

I’m going to share practical references that appear over time to help those of you who are really not sure.
Below are just a few Quora articles that might help you understand the more of the truths about Solar Energy:





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