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I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of the Nest Thermostat, and perhaps even heard of the Nest Protect and Nest Cam(s).  The Nest line of products would be considered Internet of Things (IoT)devices. So what does IoT do for us?

To put it simply, IoT devices communicated beyond their own ecosystems, basically they share information with other IoT devices and services.

What are some IoT devices, and what kind of data do they share and use?

The Nest 3rd Generation Learning Smart thermostat: This device shares your “Away” status with IoT devices, such as a Nuheat Signature Thermostat used for Electric heaters, like radiant floor or even electric baseboard. The Nest will monitor your home, and when it senses that the house it empty, it will switch to “Away” mode, and inform your Nuheat Signature thermostat to also turn off. This is actually pretty huge, the 800 watts of radiant floor heat we have in our kitchen floor is on a schedule, and works quite well on its own, but has no clue as to whether anyone is at home and so it heats regardless. But when the Nest broadcasts the Away status, now this 800 watts of heat is turned off, saving us a bunch of electricity.


Stay tuned for additional knowledge on the Nest products within this Post.


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