Our own Sun provides the planet, and her residents, with energy to power her ecosystems.

The Sun

What we get from the sun:

  1. Heat Energy, Effects Air and Water currents, Airborne particles, Ocean heating and cooling
  2. Light Energy, Suns(Stars) come in different colours, like the LED bulbs at the local retailer, for a geekier look, check this out.
  3. Harmful Radiation, Yes, the Sun does toss some pretty nasty stuff our way, But Earth has a way of handling that, with her Magnetic field, and Atmosphere.
  4. Invisible Tether, the Sun holds each planet in an orbit, giving it a place to hang, in the Universe
  5. A Magnet for stuff nearby, The sun’s pull can attract other space stuff, Comets, asteroids, other radiation. Science has uncovered a lot these days, so don’t be surprises if we find more bodies orbiting our sun.
  6. Photothermal(PT) and Photovoltaic(PV) are included in our top 2 above, Photosynthesis is the common practice used by mother nature 😎


One the most valuable tools in managing your home or business energy use is an integrated Energy Monitor gateway or appliance. There are many manufacturers of these devices, but here in British Columbia BCHydro has contracted a single company to provide integration to their(our) smart meters, this company, Rainforest Automation makes 2 options for us to use. One option is an actual meter that displays real-time data on its screen, the other is a networked appliance that lets you connect to the internet and allow you to view the data online, this also allows it to be shared with other online applications to help you track and use the data more efficiently.

WattVision is one of those services, and stores 7 days of data for free, if you want more data and overall tracking, then you start to pay.

The following graphs WILL show real-time data for our Test residential property on its
power consumption

The current data isn’t yet available, so stay tuned

Here’s a link to the full view of the real-time data hosted by Wattvision
check it out.