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I was lucky enough to be invited to one of the many events hosted by Samantha Gambling and Anastasia Koutalianos of the BC Tiny House Collective. The recent event inviting local government, residents and businesses to help move forward the feasibility of tiny living in Vancouver, throughout BC and all over Canada. Involving stakeholders and sharing both their successes and challenges is truly the right way to get the ball rolling. The project is so innovative that I jumped at the opportunity to join them as a volunteer. Their momentum is just amazing, Samantha has almost completed her Tiny Home build, and is looking forward to showing it off.

Check out some of the content I grabbed from their site, and I encourage you to read more about Tiny Living, and Please take the Survey, this survey research will pave the way for the future of Tiny Living.

Chris G.


Tiny living is more than a smaller footprint and simplified lifestyle, it’s taking steps towards a more sustainable, harmonious way of life with the world around us.


The BC Tiny House Collective is a Vancouver-based initiative made up of community-oriented individuals who are passionate about tiny houses and tiny living in BC. The group’s members are diverse in their backgrounds and bring with them skill sets in research, real estate, human resources, community engagement, construction, planning, design and communications. Learn more about the collective and how it defines tiny houses.

Cities want to know the demand and awareness of tiny houses in our region. Take our tiny house survey today and help influence policy locally!

Daniel Venneman, architect, woonpioniers.nl

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