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As the demand for our services has increased far greater than any of us imagined, we obviously need to make some changes. Before anyone gets concerned, these are changes we always anticipated, but weren’t expecting so soon.

Because customer service is of primary concern to us and of course our customers, we will continue to focus on this fundamental right. Here are a few of the changes we will be implementing:

  • Prioritizing customers needs into 3 categories: Emergency, Time sensitive/constrained, and Whenever available,
  • Add a booking option to allow for scheduling of our team, by our customers online,
  • Add additional “How-To” links and articles to help you solve some of your issues on your own, or with the help from a friend,
  • Increase our staff of experts: I have been working with and evaluating the services of other like minded trades people in our neighbourhood who have the same values we cherish at Up a Notch.
  • Reach out to our customers and partners to identify other resources they have engaged that also exceeded their expectations.

I want to assure all our current and future customers that your needs will continue to be met, and remember that working together is truly the most efficient and cost effective way for us all to move forward.

Cheers, from all of us at Up a Notch, and thx to all of you for believing in a better tomorrow and choosing us.