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Renovations for your home and office spaces

  • Timely suite renovations to upgrade the look, feel and function of any space inside and outside your home or business.
  • Major projects to replace or refurbish garages, patios, carports, decks, sheds, outbuildings and other significant infrastructures.
  • Repairing failing kitchen, bathroom or plumbing issues that are affecting your health and safety.
  • Removing and replacing existing surfaces such as carpet, drywall, wood or vinyl paneling and floors.
  • Proper bathroom and kitchen tile repairs or replacements.
  • Addition of new kitchen components such as islands, cooktops, sinks, bar/compact refrigerators, storage technologies and more.
  • Work with other or existing vendors and trades to compliment and effectively coordinate cost effective solutions.
Sink in kitchen renovation

Consumer electronics and technology integration, installation and education

  • Installations of Smart Thermostats into your home or office.
  • Integration of your alarm system, door bell, IP cameras and other technology to smartly work together.
  • Installation and repair EVSE (Electric Vehicle Service Equipment) or EV charger for short.
  • Education for you and your team on the proper operation and maintenance of the technology you already own, or that which you just acquired.
  • Other advanced and complex technology integrations.

Electrical solutions provided by our partners CF Electrical

  • Electrical panel upgrade
  • Electrical service upgrade
  • Installation of new plugs and lights
  • Service calls/troubleshooting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Full renovations and new installations

Additional Services

Certified Project Management

  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) since 2000
  • Infrastructure, Communications, Application & Technology refreshes, and Systems Integration Projects from small to large.
  • Remote and local PM and consulting available.
  • Feasibility Project Assessments to Fully Deployed Solutions.

Technology Troubleshooting

  • Can’t get your Garage door opener to talk to your Smart Thermostat, or the button that opens the door to work?
  • Every time you turn on your Microwave, your WiFi dies?
  • Your HVAC/Air Exchanger isn’t working right?
  • Your Solar array or wind/hydro turbine doesn’t produce the power it used to?


Free 30 minute phone consultation to determine how we can help each other.

$75.00 site visit within the city of Vancouver for a 1 hour consultation and requirements review, to scope your needs (credit for future services charges).

$85.00 per onsite hour, free travel included within the city of Vancouver, minimum 1 hour. Materials supplied by us are uplifted by 20% from the best price we pay.

Certified Project Manager Services: $139.00 per onsite hour, free travel included within the city of Vancouver if required. Project based minimums to be discussed.

We accept payment in the forms of cash, cheque, e-transfers and Paypal.

Service & Payment Terms

A non-refundable deposit of $75.00 is required prior to booking the first hour onsite.

Charges for services will be invoiced weekly, from Monday to Sunday, on the Tuesday following. Options available.

Payments are due 14 days from invoice date.

Satisfaction is very important – you need value for your investment. All charges will be detailed before any work is started. A “No Surprises” policy helps us budget properly.

BC GST is applied to all service charges. The addition of BC PST is added to products not PST exempt.

Most projects will require a 25% of the cost of materials as a deposit and commitment.

Have a project in mind?

Get in touch to discuss scope and receive an estimate.